The collection 

This small hand-crafted range of ceramics Earth. Milk. & Tree. was born out of our love for all things made with time and patience.  Like  everything we do in our restaurants Ducksoup and Rawduck - these ceramics have been individually crafted by hand. 

Vessel & Time is an extension of the vessels we use in the restaurants, designed by ourselves and made by our friendly potter in Dorset.  The collection features jugs, cups, small bowls, cute bowls, dipping bowls and salad bowls, pouring bowls, vases and utensil pots and most recently fermenting crocks for the domestic kitchen, all made in varying clays and glazes, and each producing their own unique character.   

Each item is different but its the individual character of the pieces that please us every time.  We hope you'll enjoy their personalities too.

To the left our a couple of jugs from the range, we call this our pinch next jugs - with no handles you simply grab them by the neck and pour.  Here they are in a brown Japanese glaze and a green celadon glaze.  



The earth collection as you can imagine takes earthy shades and colours as its tones. Usually using mixed clay as a base with variations of browns, oat and latte type glazes. These jugs are finished in our Japanese glaze, one style comes with a handle and the other is a pinch neck pour. 



White in many forms is at play here, milk whites with a tiny essence of pink, matt white that allows the oaty clay to peep through, creamy milk matt and a glossy white milk.  We enjoy milk in so many variations on all types of bowls, our fermenting crocks and these Japanese inspired cups & saucers.  We've also got both the pinch neck and handled jugs in the matt white glaze.


Tree because its green of course, but this almost dusky emerald celadon glaze when fired at a certain temperature is sublime. We've experimented with it in these beautiful pouring bowls, and most recently small 7 inch plates - which it lends itself very well to. Our pinchneck jugs are also available in this glaze.